Covid, Pact Act & our partnership with EJuiceDB!

What a crazy year and a half it has been! Not only for us here at Mama's, but the entire world felt like time had stopped when Covid hit. It’s been a difficult time for many of us personally and for businesses, but we made it. Things just look a little different now. 

Beyond the struggles that most companies were dealing with while Covid was raging on, the vape industry had its own wild ride. From the daunting PMTA last September (we received our acceptance letter from the FDA last month!) to the Pact Act that is full of lengthy litigation, and is the more recent hill we have climbed.

Currently, we cannot legally ship products to consumers because of the Pact Act, so that has led us to partner up with a vendor who can! EJuiceDB will be carrying all of our products that you know and love. We are a small company and we simply did not have the resources to meet all of the retail seller requirements in each state. We have been working with EJuiceDB for years doing drop-ship orders for them. With such a long and successful history, the transition away from drop-shipping was seamless. For us, it is exciting and a relief to be able to still provide our customers with our products.

A little more on the Pact Act and the issues we face: The most difficult thing for the vape industry—there is no consistency within the FDA’s Pact Act for all 50 states. Meaning each state is unique with its own complicated requirements. All companies must register with the ATF, but that is about the only thing that is the same across the board.

States and businesses are still figuring out what to do with all the forms, taxes, etc. For example, each state is different when it comes to taxes on vape products. Eliquid can be taxed by mL, listed price, and some states have no tax at all. There’s also a completely separate requirement for shipments. Every order that is shipped must be recorded in detail and then reported to officials. Vape companies are trying to navigate through all of this to stay compliant but it’s not easy and it’s a LOT of paperwork. 

Now combine all of that with USPS, UPS, FedEx, and DHL banning most shipments on vape products, the future seemed bleak. From all angles and for years, our industry has been taking hit after hit. Sadly, many fellow vape companies have had to close. For us, it was stressful to think that one day we might not be able to make Mama’s delicious eliquids anymore, especially after all the time and care we put into our products. But…

We aren't going anywhere! Thanks to our partnership with EJuiceDB, our own team that works tirelessly to keep us going, and our amazing customers...we continue to look forward to the future.

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  • Best vape juices really packed with flavor. So sad the country is making it hard for amazing companies like yours! You guys care about your product and customers. I’m glad you guys found a solution and I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors!!

    Jessica June

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